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We offer a wide range of handmade products made of black oak retrieved from polish rivers, where it had been covered by water from several hundred to thousands of years. It is an extremely rare material, which makes items produced with black oak exclusive.


Our offer

On our site, you can find mainly practical products, which could be used in every home, simultaneously giving the interior a unique style. They will be equally a decorative element of the room, very characteristic, strong, and at the same time just useful.

All products in our offer are handmade. We do not use any mass production machinery. Black oak processing takes a lot of time, skill, and effort. Every item is made in an individual creative process. That is why in many cases suggested items, despite their utility purpose, can be viewed on par with works of art.  This approach, both in terms of material selection and ways of treatment ensures that our products are one of a kind.

We invite you to view our product line in the shop tab. If you find inspiration here or in our shop, please contact us for any personalized orders.

What do we follow while creating our goods?

After the excavation and drying of the trunks, roots and their fragments we are putting them under selection. Then, we single out the parts that are mostly in line with our expectations (are compatible with our previous ideas and projects) or they suggest their final form with their shape. We aim to keep the biggest part possible in their natural shape for the final product and to minimize human interference. We think these kinds of objects are the most appealing to the eye, the most fascinating and attention-grabbing. Obviously, there are items in our offer that need more workload and their shapes are far from natural, yet they are still, considering the grains or the beauty of the material that is the black oak – stunning. After examining the possibilities of using the parts of that precious piece of wood, we are always trying to bring out its beauty rather than covering it with too many pointless ornaments or applying a useless treatment. For our goods, we prefer wood that is especially irregular, twisted, or shaped differently by nature itself.

exclusive products

What is the black oak?

The black oak often called the polish ebony is a type of oak wood that lays in the water or below the ground for several hundred years at least, which results in a natural change of its colour and structure density. The period spent in the water or covered by earth hardens the wood and grants it a darker shade – from a subtle brown to a deep, jet-black. Certain specimens extracted in Poland are dated back to 2000 BC. Considering the uniqueness of this material, the black oak is held in high regards by many connoisseurs.



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